Innercise Workshop

Line Art of PersonTired of spa treatments whose effects have worn-off even before the credit card statement arrives? Consider investing your time and money in experiences that go more than skin deep: My new Innercise Workshops will reveal more of your authentic ‘beauty’ by creating clearer mind-to-body connections. Dare I call it an “inner-exfoliation”??

Okay, that was the hype and here’s the truth:  Your life will not be magically transformed in just one morning!

However, what this workshop will do is help you explore your current thought ‘routines’ and offer-up fresh insights to get you (back) on the road to creating sustainable change in your life.  The natural, physical surroundings of the Guelph Ignatius Centre will lend its own unique support to your personal growth by providing a peaceful environment, ideal for serene reflection.

Let me be your guide through various individual and group experiences designed to help strengthen your mind-body connectedness and ultimately, reduce stress.  Think of Innercise as a light-hearted ‘workout’ for your inner, thoughtful self.  And don’t be surprised if these no-sweat exercises yield some high-impact results!

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Cost:  60.00 cdn dollars (includes HST)

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