Seeking Solace:

Coming Home to Ourselves in the Age of Confinement

In this short webinar series, you will find mindfulness-based support for turning towards your physiological ‘home’ in search of a true sense of solace in this time of isolation.

SOLACE is the art of asking the beautiful question, of ourselves, of our world or of one another, in fiercely difficult and un-beautiful moments.” ~ David Whyte, “Consolations:  The Solace, Nourishment and Underlying Meaning of Everyday Words.”

Join myself and Mariela Valdez, as we open doorways (in both English and Spanish) for proprioceptive exploration on 3 Wednesday afternoons in May:

  • Arriving at Our Own Doorway ~ May 6th @ 4pmEDT/3pmCDT (30 minutes)
  • Surveying the Scene ~ May 13th @ 4pmEDT/3pmCDT (30 minutes)
  • Honouring the Sacred ~ May 20th @ 4pmEDT/3pmCDT (30 minutes)

Connect to the present moment from the comfort of your couch, floor, or bed!  Bring in all the supports you think you may need, including but certainly not limited-to:  

  • beverage (water or tea, etc.)
  • blanket, pillow, cushion
  • pen/paper/journal etc. to record impressions

The essentials to participate:

  • a phone (for audio access to the Zoom vidoeo webinar)
  • 30 minutes of time and space for yourself.

Cost:  for ALL 3 SESSIONS is $ 15. cdn* /260. mxn*

*No participant turned away for lack of funds, please send an email to to request financial aid.

Pre-registration required.

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