howtoprepareI have an appointment to see a life coach ~ now how should I prepare for it?

Of course, life coaches differ in their approaches; being as varied as, well, people are. So this is what I suggest, from the perspective of being both a practitioner AND a client of life coaching…

Although you’ll want to do some pre-appointment soul-searching… it’s nowhere near the amount of preparation this person writes about doing: “[my life coach] mailed me a thick sheaf of photocopied papers with chapter excerpts to read, several types of personality evaluations, a bibliography of resources for future reading, and a four-page list of exercises to complete.” (source:

That, for me, is too much… just thinking about the work that implies causes me to squinch my shoulders up snug to my ears.

Preparing for an appointment with me includes the following:

  1. Complete an intake form. Now hang-on a second, don’t *sigh* and tuneout… At least take a look at it first! You’ll receive a link to this interactive, online form in the email I send confirming your appointment request. AND
  2. If you live in the Guelph, ON area and are meeting with me in-person, there’s not much else for you to do other than “show up” at the allotted time. I supply excellent coffee and other beverages as well as pens, paper, and snacks. BUT…
  3. If you live elsewhere, or just prefer to talk over the phone, then you’ll want to:
    1. Decide where you will be, physically, during our call. I recommend someplace quiet, comfortable, and above-all, private.
    2. Ensure you have a strategy to avoid interruptions during our session, such as by incoming calls and/or incoming children!
    3. Consider making notes of our session as well as any pre- and post-session thoughts or questions.
    4. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, sit down a few minutes before you call me, and take some deep breaths. Ahhhh… it’ll be great – you’ll see!

Even if you do none or only some of these things, our session can still proceed. Even an in-person session can be switched-out to a phone call if need-be. The bottom line is: DON’T TURN BACK NOW.

Remember, your first session is free, just grab a pen and paper or make an audio recording of WHAT you are saying to yourself at this moment when you find yourself wanting to cancel. And, instead of cancelling, tell me about it at the beginning of our session!

Yes, this is messy and you are not prepared in the way you want to be. You aspire to get “the most” out of our time and it is not going as planned… it’s okay. There is gold glimmering in that darkness of disappointment, in the imperfection of it all… let’s shine a (compassionate) light on it together!