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A Sense of Now: Present Moment Blogging

September 23rd, 2016|

The Power of Whimsy

September 19th, 2016|

Embrace The Shake

August 27th, 2016|

A Postcard From My Saboteur Called Overwhelm

August 26th, 2016|

“Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” [Amy Cuddy’s TEDtalk]

June 20th, 2016|

Alright, what is this Facebook of which you speak?

May 31st, 2016|

New Word: #Laughapnoea

May 23rd, 2016|

Push “start”

April 14th, 2016|

Began implementing my twitter plan - step 1: Gather my real life supporters and get them twitter handles! This invoked much anxiety in people. Lots of issues arose - many of theirs reflect my own… And so we move forward - together! //rk.

A “Scanner” by any other name would work as sweetly

April 11th, 2016|


April 9th, 2016|