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A fluff piece about plastic vs glass

I just started thinking about how much I like to use mason jars for leftovers vs plastic containers. Apart from the aesthetics - which appeal to my nostalgic, retro-sensibilities, the mason jars offer more ‘clarity’…

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  • UnCommon Senses

Engaging our (UnCommon) Senses

Before writing this post, I wanted to take a few moments to “come to my (uncommon) senses”.  Meaning that instead of engaging my usual, logical, thought processes, I asked my mind if it had any

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  • Woman struggling with balanced life

You too?

I was not born with the last name Kerr, rather I married into it.  ‘Kerr’ is Scottish, and comes complete with it’s own special fabric (tartan), Wikipedia entry, and family motto!  Co-incidentally enough, the Kerr

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  • Not So Trending

A not-so-trending blog post you may still care about

As I sit down to write my very first life coach blog post, all the usual ‘stuff’ arises.  What unfolds is a classic modus-operandi for almost anything I start TO DO: I Google other life

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