ruth kerr

photo by ema suvajac

Hi, I am a mom, wife, gestalt psychotherapist-in-training, entrepreneur, avid reader/audible-listener, meditator, blogger, triathlete, science graduate, personal development enthusiast, a self-taught artist, poet, and (Secular-) believer!

I believe no-one is too old, or too ‘whatever’, to begin creating a more vital connection between themselves and the world around them!  Whether you’ve just entered your ‘adulting’ phase; are navigating mid-life; or planning your retirement years – I can pretty much guarantee that there are depths of life engagement awaiting your exploration.

If that piques your curiosity, I invite you to book a free consultation with me.  It’s easy, you can book it online right now if you wish.  Think of it as an opportunity for us to explore our mutual-suitability to work with one another.

I’m excited to share with you the unique combination of gestalt therapy, life coaching, and mindfulness processes in which I have immersed myself over the last several years.  All of those modalities focus on developing self-awareness, so we’re not talking about quick-fixes here.  But for me, it’s been money and time I’ve never regretted spending, and I can’t say that about many other ‘things’.

Peace & Progress,