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"What you seek is also seeking you." ~ Jalal-ud-Din Rumi


So, what exactly does a life coach DO anyway?

Well you see, I live this essentially perfect life, and for a reasonable fee, I can show you how to have one too!

Sound familiar?

Truth is, part of me wishes there really was some magical formula, which if followed precisely, would transport me directly into a life free of doubt, fear, fat, anger, and sadness.

But in reality, there are usually a few obstacles strewn about the playing field of our daily lives -and these challenges will vary from person to person.

So, to the question of what it is I actually do as a life coach, I would say that I work first on becoming synced-up with where you are now in your life and then start brainstorming with you around where you’d like to go from here. After that, I’ll help you stay connected to your vision, even as you encounter potential road-blocks along the way.

Or, more simply:
Two heads are better than one at dreaming things up and getting stuff done!

Sound better?

Contact me and let’s get started!


Innercise Workshops

Allow some time and  s_p_a_c_e  to indulge your cravings for a few, delicious, ‘life snacks’!  Treat yourself to experiencing mindfulness in simple, light-hearted, ways without needing accessories or a special wardrobe.  When your senses have more sway, there exists an opening to see more joy in the everyday.

Find out more

The Innercise Guy tries his best to be ‘present’ for all of my workshops ~ ask him questions to learn more about what innercising IS just by using the hashtag #InnerciseGuy in your tweets!

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